Four castles tours

Game of Thrones tours to Doune castle
Game of Thrones tours to Doune castle

Four castles tours

Scotland is renowned for its rich history and breathtaking castles, each with its own unique charm and tales of the past. Here, we’ll delve into four of the top castles in Scotland, each offering a glimpse into the country’s captivating heritage.

Drummond Castle, Stirling Castle, Doune Castle, and Linlithgow Palace are four fascinating historical landmarks in Scotland, each with its own distinct character and captivating stories to tell. Let’s explore these remarkable sites and discover their unique features.

      1. Drummond Castle

    Nestled in the heart of Perthshire, Drummond Castle is renowned for its exquisite terraced gardens. This magnificent Renaissance-style castle dates back to the 15th century, with additions made in the 17th century. The castle’s gardens are the highlight, featuring perfectly manicured lawns, colorful flower beds, and beautiful geometric patterns. Often referred to as “The Hanging Gardens of Scotland,” these gardens have been recognized as some of the finest in Europe. The castle itself, though not open to the public, impresses with its striking architecture and historic significance. It has served as a residence for the Drummond family for centuries, showcasing their grandeur and prestige.

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  1. Stirling Castle
  2. Situated atop Castle Hill in Stirling, Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s most significant fortifications. This imposing fortress has played a crucial role in the country’s history, witnessing numerous battles and political events. The castle’s architecture spans several periods, from medieval to Renaissance. Its highlights include the Great Hall, a splendid example of medieval architecture, and the Royal Palace, featuring beautifully restored royal apartments. Visitors can explore the Great Kitchens, which give a glimpse into the culinary traditions of the past, and the Chapel Royal, an exquisite place of worship. Stirling Castle also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, including the iconic Wallace Monument and the Ochil Hills.
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  4. Doune Castle:

Nestled on the banks of the River Teith in central Scotland, Doune Castle is a well-preserved medieval fortress. Dating back to the 14th century, the castle boasts a striking courtyard and a 100-foot-tall gatehouse tower. Doune Castle is renowned for its role in film and television, most notably as the setting for Castle Leoch in the Outlander TV series and as the backdrop for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Visitors can explore the castle’s interior, including the Great Hall, the Lord’s Hall, and the kitchens. Informative audio guides provide insights into the castle’s history and its connections to film and television.

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  • Linlithgow Palace:

Located in the town of Linlithgow, between Edinburgh and Stirling, Linlithgow Palace is a magnificent Renaissance-style palace that served as a royal residence for Scottish monarchs. Built in the 15th century, the palace boasts stunning architectural features, including grand courtyards, graceful towers, and ornate windows. Visitors can wander through the ruins of this once-majestic palace, exploring the royal chambers, the Great Hall, and the impressive fountain courtyard. Linlithgow Palace also offers picturesque views of the surrounding landscape and the adjacent Linlithgow Loch. The palace’s rich history, including its association with Mary, Queen of Scots, adds to its allure.

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These four castles and palaces — Drummond Castle, Stirling Castle, Doune Castle, and Linlithgow Palace – offer a glimpse into Scotland’s diverse architectural heritage and historical significance. Whether it’s the enchanting terraced gardens of Drummond Castle, the commanding presence of Stirling Castle, the film connections of Doune Castle, or the regal beauty of Linlithgow Palace, each site provides a unique window into Scotland’s captivating past. Exploring these landmarks allows visitors to immerse themselves in history and experience the grandeur and splendor of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage.

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What Scottish castles are open to tour ?

These castles have provided the backdrops for bloody battles or famous films, and are the most popular castles in Scotland

Stirling Castle.
Midhope Castle.
Blackness Castle.
Doune Castle.

Was any of Braveheart filmed in Scotland?

Despite initially declining, Gibson eventually decided to direct the film, as well as star as Wallace. Braveheart was filmed in Scotland and Ireland from June to October 1994. Book your Braveheart tour online

Is there a real Lallybroch ?

Yes, Midhope Castle is the real life location for Lallybroch , the ancestral home of Jamie Fraser . You can visit Lallybroch on our unique Outlander tours  . Lallybroch, or Broch Tuarach, is Jamie’s fictional home in the series.
Outlander tours from Edinburgh can be booked online . In real life it’s an ancient 16th-century tower house outside Edinburgh. The castle stars in a number of Outlander episodes as the ancestral home of Jamie Fraser , played by Scottish actor Sam Heughan . You can visit the castle on one of our tours and take a look around the outside . Unfortunately the inside of Lallybroch is derelict and not accessible at the moment  , although plans have been announced to build accommodation inside the castle . Lallybroch Outlander tours from Private tours Edinburgh

what does Broch Tuarach mean ?

What is Broch Tuarach ? And can you take a tour to it ? It is an old  broch on the land, Broch Tuarach means “north-facing tower” in Gaelic. Lallybroch, as the estate is known among those who live there, in turn means “lazy tower”. Lallybroch , ancestral home of Jamie Fraser , is also known as Broch Tuarach . 
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