Can you stay in Lallybroch Castle Scotland ?

Lallybroch Outlander tours Scotland, visit Midhope castle , real life Lallybroch on our Lallybroch Outlander tours from Edinburgh , Scotland

Yes , you can Can you stay in Lallybroch – just not yet . Exciting new plans have been unveiled to build accommodation rooms inside Lallybroch Castle Scotland , real life Midhope Castle , so you will be able to stay in Lallybroch , possibly some time next year . Book your Lallybroch Outlander tours… Continue reading Can you stay in Lallybroch Castle Scotland ?

Midhope Castle – Outlander’s Lallybroch

Midhope Castle – Outlander’s Lallybroch Located on the Hopetoun Estate is Midhope Castle which is the external location for fictional Lallybroch, the family home of character Jamie Fraser. Midhope Castle dates back to the 15th Century and although the exterior is relatively intact the castle is derelict inside and not open to the public . Book… Continue reading Midhope Castle – Outlander’s Lallybroch


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