Highland cow gifts

Highland cow, on a farm near Callander , Stirlingshire, New - Highland cow gifts
Highland cow, on a farm near Callander , Stirlingshire, New - Highland cow gifts

Highland cow gifts

The Highland cow from Scotland is a tough beast able to withstand the winetr snow in the Highlands of Scotland. The Highland cow, known affectionately as the “Heilan Coo” in Scots, is an iconic symbol of Scotland’s rural landscape. Originating from the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles, these hardy animals are well-suited to the rugged, mountainous terrain and harsh weather conditions of the region. Distinguished by their long, shaggy coats, which can be various shades of red, black, brown, yellow, or even white, Highland cows are uniquely equipped to withstand the cold and damp of Scottish weather. Their long horns, which both males and females possess, add to their distinctive and striking appearance.

New – Highland cow gifts

Highland cows have a history that stretches back centuries, with their ancestors being brought to Britain by farmers during the Neolithic era. Over time, they have become an integral part of Scottish culture and heritage. Not only are they valued for their meat, which is known for its lean, well-marbled, and succulent quality, but also for their role in maintaining the natural environment. Their grazing helps preserve the biodiversity of the Scottish Highlands, supporting a wide range of plant and animal life.

Photographers and nature enthusiasts often seek out Highland cows due to their photogenic and majestic presence. Their gentle and friendly nature, despite their formidable appearance, makes them popular among tourists and locals alike. Capturing the essence of these animals in their natural habitat provides a glimpse into the timeless beauty of Scotland’s rural landscapes.

In recent years, Highland cows have gained popularity beyond Scotland, both as a breed for sustainable farming and as a beloved subject in photography and art. Their image can be found in various forms of merchandise, showcasing their status as a cherished emblem of Scottish identity.

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Eilean Donan Castle is in the Highlands of Scotland. Original image by David Rankin from Photogold.

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Eilean Donan Castleis the stunning Highlands castle set on an island in the middle of three lochs. The castle is the most photographed castle in the UK and it featured in the films Highlander and James Bond . Your tour guide will take you to the three best locations for pictures of the castle .

Eilean Donan has made several appearances in films, beginning withBonnie Prince Charliein 1948 andThe Master of Ballantraein 1953.The castle was the setting for the 1980 short filmBlack Angel, filmed to accompany screenings ofThe Empire Strikes Backin cinemas. It featured prominently inHighlander(1986) as the home of Clan MacLeod, was backdrop to a dance scene in the Bollywood movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998, and served as the Scottish headquarters of MI6 inThe World Is Not Enoughin 1999. InElizabeth: The Golden AgeEilean Donan stood in for Fotheringhay Castle in England. In the movieMade of HonorEilean Donan can be seen as home of the groom’s family.

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New – Highland cow gifts

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