Winter is coming . And season 8 Game of Thrones

Winter is coming . And season 8 Game of Thrones

 In the past couple days, HBO has releases promos featuring new footage from the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, as well as a stylistic teaser. Now, there are a bunch of new pics to sample. Game of Thrones news from Private tours Edinburgh

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The bulk of these photos — probably all of them, really — appear to be from the first episode, when Daenerys and her posse arrive in Winterfell. We’ve got Tyrion Lannister speaking in the Great Hall ( probably real life Doune Castle ) :

This looks like it’s taken from his scene at the top of the promo HBO released on Sunday:

We’ve also got Sansa greeting Dany in the Winterfell courtyard…

…and standing with her hands behind her back in…the Winterfell library? Business Sansa. I like the corset.

Also in the courtyard, Jorah and Davos regard the intermingling of characters:

Jorah shows up a bunch in these photos, usually beside his queen:

“It is so freaking cold here. We killed 30 sheep to make this coat and it still wasn’t enough.”

“You know Jon’s sister, the short one? I swear to god I saw a human face in her bag.”

“I need to make a good impression on Sansa. Do you know any knock knock jokes?”

‘You’re doing great, Daenerys. Just smile and don’t threaten to burn anyone and you’ll be fine.’

‘I hate this chair. I knew we should have brought the Dragonstone throne with us.’

And we have a couple of Daenerys with new squeeze Jon Snow, too:

This image reminds me of a shot from their infamous boat ride:

Below, I’m guessing the pair of them are either looking at the dragons or Jon is showing Dany Winterfell for the first time:

And of course, we can’t forget the man of the hour: Varys in a cart:

If you paid attention to the latest SPOILERS you might not be surprised to see this, just saying…

Finally, we have a couple shots of Cersei on the Iron Throne, costarring Qyburn:

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